Mung Dahl Recipe

Perfect health starts with perfect digestion.

A promise is a promise. Today I share with you my recipe for Ayurvedic Mung Dahl.

Please know that the main ingredient for Mung Dahl is patience. Because it takes a while for the mung dahl to become a liquid soup. Below the ingredients you will need for (approximately) 3-4 portions. But keep in mind that we are all unique and all need different things. The quantity may therefore differ from person to person.

Ingredients for 3-4 portions

Ingredients for the Mung Dahl
500 gr mung beans
Fresh ginger (2 cm)
1 ¼ tbs. ghee or 1 tbs. sesame oil (for cooking) & 1 tsp. omega 3-6-9 oil (as topping)
1 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tsp. coriander seeds
1 tsp. fennel seeds
1 tsp. turmeric powder
¼ tsp. hing or asafoetida
Himalayan salt
Fresh coriander (topping)
Optional: vegetables

Ingredients for the salsa (Agni Booster):
Fresh ginger (5 cm)
½ tsp. himalayan salt
Squeeze lemon juice

  • STEP 1
    Soak the mung beans overnight (or at least 4 hours) to make them more juicy (and eliminate some dryness) before cooking.

    IMPORTANT: I know, this step will already make you not do it. But believe me the effort becomes less every step you take 🙂 — so just do it.

  • STEP 2
    Rinse the mung beans a couple of times until the water is clear.

  • STEP 3
    Heat 1 tbs. ghee or sesame oil in a pan and add the turmeric and asafoetida or hing powder (to reduce the gas forming properties of the beans). Sauté for a couple of minutes before you add the soaked mung beans and 2 liters water to it.

  • STEP 4
    Let it cook on low fire for about 45 minutes adding more water if necessary. Continue to cook until all the beans are soft and broken up. If you want to add veggies add them for the last to minutes so they do not overcook.

  • STEP 5
    Prepare the salsa: chop 5 cm fresh ginger and add ½ tsp. himalayan salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to it. You can use this salsa the whole day to top off your mung dahl.

  • STEP 6
    Once the mung dahl is almost ready you start to sauté the chopped ginger, cumin-, coriander- & fennel seeds in a separate pan with 1 tbs. ghee or sesame oil. If you want you can now add some of your favourite spices to it like cardamom, black pepper or even some curry powder.

  • STEP 7
    When the spices are nicely sautéd you can add it together with some himalayan salt and black pepper to the mung dahl and let it simmer for another 2 minutes or so. Adding the spices at the end of the cooking process helps to retain the flavours and therapeutic value of the herbs.

  • STEP 8
    Serve the mung dahl with some nicely chopped coriander leaves, a tsp. salsa and add the ghee (or if you prefer to eat vegan 1 tsp. omega 3-6-9 oil) to it.

Now, if you like this dish as much as I do I’ve good news: In Ayurveda this food is very well known for it’s cleansing properties. Cleansing your gut was never so tasteful.

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Enjoy cooking.