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“What can be a poison to one can be a medicine to another”.

In Ayurveda, we don’t believe in a ‘one-pill-fits-all’ approach. We are all unique. You are unique. When you know how you are right now, and how your mind-body works, you can live a more balanced life. You will be able to choose the lifestyle you want but also fits you as a person.

In the consultation, it’s our aim to find out which type you are and what kind of foods and lifestyle will benefit you most, at this moment. Expect practical nutrition and lifestyle advice, combined with fresh ideas on how to live your life more balanced.

One hour consultation: €85


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Book your consultation

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What can you expect from a consultation?

Each consultation is meant to help you to find more balance in your life. As this differs from time to time a consultation may also differ from time to time. Generally, a consultation starts with questions on your current state of health and we will definitely also look into your daily habits and routines to find out what is supporting you and whatnot.

You will get personalized advice on your daily routine which may include:

  • Nutritional suggestions: what to eat and what to minimize

  • Practical tips on how to start and close of your day

  • Ayurveda self-care rituals to bring into your life

  • Suggestions on herbs and vitamins

  • Recipes to get yourself familiar with

  • Tips on which type of exercise to choose at the moment

  • Yoga poses or exercises you can do at home

  • Breathing exercises to create more harmony