Ayurveda reading book for kids

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Get the first ever edition delivered at your home. This wonderful book is perfect for kids 1-3 to illustrate how each and everyone of us is different and unqiue.

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The first-ever Ayurveda reading book for kids

At Rasa, we are making this Ayurveda ‘lens’ to view the world accessible to fit our modern lives. If there is one thing we know works extremely well for learning and engaging our little ones, is that children LOVE to read.

So when the pandemic hit our family as well, there suddenly was time to create something we have been thinking of for a long time: the first-ever Ayurveda reading book for kids.

To illustrate what Ayurveda is all about, you will meet Klee, Fikkie, and Nunu who all represent one of the mind-body types of Ayurveda. And what best to illustrate the different characteristics better than to see what happens when the spider is coming…?

With this book you are not only helping to make the world a better place, making the wisdom of Ayurveda accessible for our kids, you are also helping them to learn how differently everyone is wired. Helping them to understand how they too, are unique.

All the profits will go into the development of more stories, so I hope you like it. My wish is to make Ayurveda simple and fun, and through stories and books, it can get into the hands of as many kids as possible. Let’s help a new generation to develop the tools to live happier and healthier.

The book is designed for kids from 1-3 and is available in our shop.

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What's so unique about this book?

Here in the West, from a a young age we teach our children that we are all equal. While this is true indeed, it also makes the case that we are all the same. We need the same things, the same education and follow the same path to get to certain places in life. But is that true? I don’t think it is. We humans are all unique, and so are our kids.

In Ayurveda we believe there are 3 basic mind-body types every kid, every human being, is made of. We are introducing these ‘Doshas’ in a completely new way and turned them into characters you and your little one will meet in the book.

If you want to be part of the inception and get your hands on the first print ever, then go to the link in bio and pre-order it today. For your own family, or gift it to a friend of family member who would enjoy reading it with their kids.

Can’t wait to meet Nunu, Klee and Fikkie? Order the book here and get it delivered to your home.

PS You can also help share the page with your friends to spread the word. You don’t need to know anything about Ayurveda to ‘get’ it and neither do your kids. It’s a wonderful little story young and old can relate to 🙂

“Again Mommy!”