Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop

Why combine Yoga & Ayurveda?

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes leave your yoga practice with a big smile and other days completely exhausted? Or why you are some days able to completely let go and relax in savasana while on other days you are restless until the end?

With Ayurveda this can quite easily being explained as one of the main views is Ayurveda is that we are all unique, all different and different people need a different yoga practice. From this point of view you can imagine the close relationship between Yoga & Ayurveda. Yes, it’s for a good reason that we call these Indian traditions ‘sister sciences’.

What do you learn?

After being introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda in either my session “Introduction to Ayurveda” or in other ways we will dive deeper into combining the sister sciences Yoga & Ayurveda. Why are they inseparable? And how can viewing Yoga through Ayurvedic glasses invigorate and improve your practice? You will get to know what asanas (postures) are best for your particular birth constitution (prakruti) and current imbalance (vikruti), but above all you will learn how you can adjust your yoga practice according to your needs at that particular moment.

We will discuss:

  • 20 Gunas (the 20 qualities and the principle of “like increases like”)

  • 7 Dhatus (7 bodily tissues)

  • Prakruti & Vikruti

  • Asana (posture) recommendations for each Dosha

  • Recommended adjustments for your prakruti (birth constitution) or vikruti (current imbalance)

…but since experience is the best knowledge there is we will definitely jump on our mats and practice yoga with an Ayurvedic touch.

At the end of the workshop you will walk away with a basic understanding of supporting your own yoga practice with Ayurveda.

Dates & Locations

11 December 2019 (19-21.30) – Yagoy