Travel tips with kids

Explore the world well prepared

Becoming a mother comes with sacrifices: one of them is that it makes you less mobile. Something that took me a while to accept. Because next to motherhood, yoga and ayurveda I have a fourth passion (which I probably share with many of you): traveling.

Not only to see all the beauty the world has to offer us, but also to support my personal growth as each travel brings me closer to the best version of myself. Because every trip comes with exposure to new traditions, cultures and people which in its turn requires mutual respect and an open mind. Qualities that will help you to put things in perspective when needed.

As we are highly convinced that Miki will benefit from traveling as much as we are, we have decided to take her on as many journeys as possible. As a consequence, her first flight was with 10 weeks old. A flight we will never forget. It all went so smooth (read: Miki drank with me when we took off and fell asleep for the rest of our flight) that we decided to show her Paris and Londen shortly after. On the age of 9 months we took her to India to spend some time together with two of our favorite yoga teachers and as we are currently in Bali for two months it felt right to share some basic travel tips with you.

"Each travel brings me closer to the best version of myself and I am highly convinced that this also applies to our kids"

As I said in the beginning, traveling with kids is completely different from the way of traveling we were used to before. But as we kept on practicing we now know most tricks of the trade which are absolutely worthy of sharing with others.

  • Probiotics to maintain the natural balance in your kids gut. Especially when you travel to exotic countries. As it reduces the likelihood of travelers diarrhea. We use Ortica for Miki and she never had any issues with her belly/gut so far (even not in India). You can use Orthiflor Start the first 6 months and Dino Orthiflor (powder) after 6 months until 6 years. Just add a measure cup to your baby’s formula/mothers milk or toddlers drink. For mothers there is also Orthiflor Fem which you can take to support your own gut while you still breastfeed.

  • Baby wrap or baby carrier. When you go for a city trip it’s the best, because your child can sleep against your chest feeling safe and warm while you can enjoy sightseeing. But also definitely to use in the airplane. When your child can’t find comfort you can wrap your child against your chest and stand next to the toilets rocking your child to rest.

  • Thermos with hot water and bottle with fresh room temperature water to prepare a bottle on the spot. It’s good to know that you are allowed to take as many fluids as needed with you on the airplane for your kid(s).

  • Manual breast pump or breast pump with battery. To avoid dependency on a power spot and allow for pumping whenever it’s needed.

  • ORS for kids to prevent from dehydration and support recovery after diarrhea. You can make a limo out of it or put it in your kids (mothers-)milk bottle if they are not used to eating and drinking other stuff than milk yet.

  • Request for a baby crib on board for international flights. Most companies only allow requests for kids until 1 year. Yet they don’t check this requirement. Meaning that you can reserve your spot even if your kid is older than 1 year but still weighs less than 10 kilos. Note that it’s best to request for a baby crib straight after your booking as they only have a few spots on board.

  • Dress your child in layers on the plane, because they use airco while it also can become bloody hot. Therefore it’s good to have the possibility to regulate your kids temperature by taking layers off or putting extra layers on.

  • Make sure you have enough chamomilla suppositories (Weleda) on stock. Because it’s hard to get them abroad and they are really useful to (naturally) support your kids while teething or when they suffer from a fever or other pains.

  • Reusable storage bins to save your kid’s leftovers or prepared foods which you want to take with you.

  • Helios homeopathic travel kit with natural remedies covering a variety of common ailments and minor injuries.

  • If you travel to countries where you want to use a scooter it’s best to buy a baby-helmet at home or online before you go, because it’s really hard to get for kids under 2 years.

  • If you are used to have a strict schedule for your kid(s) see if you can let go this strictness. Because traveling requires some flexibility from both sides (parents and kids) if you are too tight it will create frustration (also on both sides). For example, if your kid skips a rest throughout the day. Just let it be. They will sleep a little bit longer the day after.

  • Always bring some organic prepared and preservable baby foods with you. Those from which you know your kid loves it. Because not all countries offer good stuff and having something clean and to your kids preferences is good to have when they get sick. We always take Ella’s kitchen which is also very handy when you are on the plane and didn’t prepare something upfront. Of course preparing home cooked is healthier, but as travelling already comes with a lot of organisation I prefer to go for comfort sometimes. Remember the previous point?

  • If you want to vaccinate your children give them 3 times a day Weleda grains 5 days prior and 5 days after to support their homeostasis. If they still get sick or a fever you can use chamomilla suppositories for recovery.

  • Don’t forget your kid’s visa. Some of them require a photo in special format from your kids. Especially when they are not able to keep their head up themselves, it’s good to know that dressing your baby in a t-shirt will be beneficial. Because you have to hold your baby’s head up without showing your hands. Hence, the t-shirt so you can scoop your hand underneath (trickier with a bodysuit). Besides, also take a cloth with you to cover your fingers (as it is not allowed to show them either).

  • Buy enough natural mosquito repellent with deet in it (when needed). Because they are hard to get in some exotic countries (like Bali and India). We always use the natural kids spray with deet from Care Plus.

  • Leave your kids toys at home. It takes a lot of space and eventually they will only play with empty water bottles, coconuts and keys. Yet there is one toy you might want to bring: a foldable bucket to take to the beach.

  • If your child (still) uses a pacifier, make sure you have some extra with you. Most of the time your kids favorite is not for sell in other countries.

  • Know that most airlines allow to take your stroller all the way to the gate where you – as a parent – have the opportunity to skip the line and board firstly. One of the perks of having kids. About the stroller: especially handy to take with you when you have a baby that wants to sleep on the beach. You can disconnect the carrycot from the frame to put on the beach as your baby’s resting place.

In addition, here is a suggested packing list for your mom’s bag on board: 2 hydrophilic cloths, thermos with cooked water and bottle with fresh water (to combine to the right temperature for bottle preps on board), manual breast pump (you don’t want to lose this one!) – when still breastfeeding, formula for 6 bottles (in case your luggage gets lost), Ella’s kitchen (from 6 months), 2 pacifiers (if used), a set extra cloths, VSM Cinababy to put on the pacifier (if used until 4 months), 5 diapers (just in case), baby wipes, chamomilla suppository (especially when teething), banana and quinoa cracker (6 months and older).

Hope these tips will encourage you to pack your bags and explore the world together with your kids.

With love,