Support your recovery with Ayurveda after giving birth

Herbs and supplements for mom’s nourishment

That we have to take good care of ourselves during our pregnancy is – even in our fast paced society – for most of us quite common. We need to slow down, do some mild exercises, eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep.

We are also advised to take vitamins, minerals and herbs to support both ourselves and our little ones throughout our pregnancy. There are courses we can follow, yoga classes we can go to and coaches we can visit during this miraculous period.

But once the baby is born we are mainly occupied with taking care of our little one and family visits in which we forget to take care of ourselves. Yet we should – especially in this period – pay attention to our own health. Not only to prevent a postnatal depression, but also to make sure that our physical body can recover fully. How many women do you know who suffer from chronic lower back pain, a loss of strength, achiness in the body, urine loss and all other sort of discomforts years after giving birth?

We really should keep in mind that even with a very easy birth our bodily tissues (or dhātus in Ayurveda) are damaged. It’s like you have finished a marathon without training your body for it. Your whole body is empty, there is a lack of strength and organs need to rearrange again. Reason enough to prioritize your recovery. Since the production and nourishment of our bodily tissues starts with the things we put into our mouths we should pay extra attention to our nutrition to recover.

Like we supported our nutrition with vitamins, minerals and herbs during our pregnancy we can also take some supplements to support our recovery after giving birth.

Below you will find a list with some natural remedies:

  • Arnica 30c
    To reduce swelling and pain you can take arnica 30c 3 times a day for the first 5 days after giving birth.

  • Kali Phos 30c
    Calms down the nervous system and helps with over exhaustion after giving birth. It also supports broken sleep. You can take it directly after giving birth and on the days you feel nervous and have difficulties with falling asleep.

  • Calendula 30
    Good one to take if you have had a caesarean or viginal / perinial tear as it helps speed the healing of cuts and wounds. Take it one hour after giving birth for 5 days.

  • Prenatal vitamins
    Keep taking prenatal vitamins as long as you are breastfeeding as they contain all essential vitamins and minerals for your baby’s growth.

  • Mommy’s Ayurvedic booster
    Make yourself 3 times a day a shot with ½ tsp. Shatavari and ½ tsp. Ashwagandha mixed with warm organic full fat cow- or almond milk. Shatavari has an excellent rejuvenating effect on the female reproductive organs and it supports lactation. Ashwagandha is there to ground you as it calms the nervous system.

  • Pippali or long pepper
    Can be taken to support digestion or when you are suffering from insomnia. Take ½ tsp. pippali 3 times a day.

  • Bala
    To strengthen your body it’s good to take ½ tsp. bala 3 times a day for 6 weeks.

Unfortunately there is no one-pill-fits all solution as we are all so unique. However, as the above suggestions really worked out well for me I find it worthy to share it here with you.

If you feel inspired to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can support your recovery after giving birth you are more than welcome to join the next Ayurveda for Mommies (to be) workshop. For those who are not able to join the workshop there is also a practical guide which you can order here.

Finally, feel free to ask me any questions. I am here to support you in your journey.

With love,