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Sleep well with Ayurveda

In the package you will find 3 unique Ayurvedic Sleep Yoga sessions, you cannot find anywhere else. As your mind-body energy changes over time, there is a use for each of the versions at different points in your life. To make sure you get them all in one go, we created this package for you to download straight to your device(s)

Kapha – 45:58, to stimulate your energy flow
Pitta – 45:56, to cool off and relax when tense
Vata – 47:00, to ground down when you are all over the place

Frequently people ask me in my classes, what other techniques I know to relax. Now besides Yin Yoga, Meditation and breathing exercises, or the more modern ideas like talking a walk in nature, sound bathing or maybe even floating there’s another way to do it:

Yoga Nidra.

Since I benefit from doing Yoga Nidra myself, I have been looking for Ayurvedic-proof sessions for a while. Because I couldn’t find them online, together with Eliane Bernard from The House of Deeprelax, we decided to create 3 unique Ayurveda inspired sessions. One for each dosha.

Here's what to expect in the package:

01 Vata – 47:00
to ground down when you are all over the place

When Vata is high it means that there is too much wind and space element in your body and mind. The wind element may cause too much movement and the use of more energy than you have. It just keeps you moving constantly. Sometimes it results in walking and talking too fast or even involuntary movement can be there (like over blinking the eyes or ticks). This can also reflect in your mind where the wind can cause unstoppable thoughts and worries. No wonder that you will find yourself in a situation where it’s hard to calm down. There is just too much movement due to excess wind .

02 Pitta – 45:56
to cool off and relax when tense

The first thing you will notice when your Pitta is out of balance is that you experience too much fire. Think of feeling hot in your body, sweating easily, heartburns, fever and high blood pressure. It’s due to the fire element that you can push yourself too far and cross your own boundaries which sometimes even result in a burn-out. In your mind too much heat creates hot temperedness and you will get more easily irritated. If you have the feeling that life is one big competition at the moment then this is your session, because it will focus on finding balance through a cooling humble yoga nidra practice.

03 Kapha – 45:58
to stimulate your energy flow

When your Kapha is too high you will soon notice that everything feels dark and heavy. It may even result in having difficulties with waking up. It’s because the elements of Kapha Dosha (water and earth) together form mud and when mud dominates your life everything seems heavy, dark and sticky. At these moments you can hardly burn ahead at work. You can feel inspirationless and constantly tired. Sometimes this can even be accompanied by feelings of depression and/or weight gain. If you think you are stuck, this is the session for you. This session focuses entirely on finding balance through stimulation and activation, so that you can get back to work motivated at the end of the session.

If you find this useful or have anything to share, I’d love to hear from you. Oh and by the way, feel free to share it with others if it may benefit them.

Settle in, relax, and let us guide you.