Pregnant! Now what?

Here are the 7 things you should do immediately once you find out that you are pregnant.

Finding out that you are pregnant is overwhelming enough already so arranging these necessities is not something you want to spend too much of your precious energy on. Having a plan of approach really helps to make things easy, keep your stress level low and your energy in check. I wish I had known all these essential things before I got pregnant.
  • Celebrate. The moment you find out you are pregnant you probably want to scream this from the highest rooftop there is in town (at least that was my first reaction), but instead of doing this see if you can make a big event out of the announcement. To really celebrate new life. For example, this is what I have done: buy a tiny piece of baby cloth (this is so much fun already!) and give it as a present to your lover. Preferably while you are having an evening together and really have the time to celebrate the wonderful news the whole evening or even night.

  • Find yourself a supportive midwife. One you feel really safe with as she will be the one who is there while you give birth and will guide you during your pregnancy. There is also the possibility to get a doula (birth companion) who will coach you together with the midwife.

  • If you are living in the Netherlands then there will be a maternity nurse (called “kraamhulp” in Dutch) for the first 8 days (or longer when needed) after giving birth. If so, find yourself a warm maternity nurse. Some of them will have an Ayurvedic or Anthroposophical (a movement that fits very well with Ayurveda) vision. If you like a holistic natural approach you may want to look for them.

  • Buy yourself organic pregnancy vitamins. I used the “pregnancy nutrients” from Solgar. They are vegan and have everything you need to keep your vitality and build your baby’s tissues. They also include folic acid to prevent possible complications during the initial growth of you baby. Actually, when you are planning to get pregnant it’s even better to start taking those vitamins 2 months before conception.

  • Find yourself an Anthroposophical family doctor. They will help you with possible pregnancy ailments in a natural way (if needed) and you will also need one if you wish to subscribe for an Anthroposophical consultation office.

  • Inform your health insurance about your pregnancy in order for them to send you your maternity package with all the stuff you need for natural home birthing and your childbed period.

  • Allow the fatigue to be there. Your body is designed to make babies and give birth. Let your body be in charge and not your mind. Surrender will be your guiding principle.

Because I know that every pregnancy is different you can reach me here if you any personal questions.