Mommy’s wish list

Great gifts that new moms will really appreciate

We all want to pamper new moms. But what to buy for them other than baby clothes and toys?

Disclaimer: not saying that baby clothes and toys are not appreciated. There is nothing more loving than giving to someone who just gave all she had to offer to another living being.

Here are a few ideas to present new moms with:

  • An organic merino wool or silk blanket for the baby. Selana really has good stuff. Best is to buy a silk one when the mother is due in spring or summer time and a merino wool version when the mother is due in autumn or winter time.

  • Good quality organic sesame oil as this the best body lotion for a mother in her childbed period. It is used in Ayurveda to rebuild strength, promote circulation and help with relaxation. If you want to read more about how to apply. Read the article “Ayurvedic Self Oil Massage” here.

  • A rose quarts to put in the bedroom during and after giving birth. They say that a rose quarts is eminently the stone of love and compassion. Reason enough to empower new fresh mothers with this stone as they will need energy to love and be loved.

  • Organic Dates to nourish the mother after giving birth. You can even make the new mother nourishing (vata balancing) date balls. Click here for the recipe.

  • An oil diffuser with/or good quality essential oils. You can give several oils so the mother can pick what she needs at that particular moment. For example lavender is very good to calm the mother and promote good deep sleep whereas ylang ylang can do the opposite and uplift the energy when needed.

  • Postnatal massages: by far the best you can wish for a new mother. If you live in the Netherlands check out Gentle Beginnings. But be in time, because Mirjam is always fully booked way in advance.

  • A good quality baby wrap for the mother to carry her baby in. Artipoppe has really beautiful wraps made out of a combination of organic silk, wool & cotton. They are super expensive, but last forever and can be used for years. A gift card as contribution already makes the mother smile.

  • Wool-silk baby suits for the baby. They regulate the baby’s temperature while leaving a protective layer on the skin. It is also very good to provide the new mother with an wool-silk shirt to also give her a protective layer in her childbed period. In Amsterdam there is this shop called “de Zaailing” where they sell very good quality wool-silk clothes. Brands like Joha and Enjel are also great to look at.

  • Handmade cuddle cloth to attach to your babies pacifier. Made with love by birds and bees.

  • Fresh organic chamomile leaves. Either to make a good calming drink for the mother in her childbed period or to wash her vagina with to heal the wounds after giving birth.

  • A pair of wool or leather house shoes to wear after giving birth. Even in summertime it is so important to keep the feet warm during the childbed period.

  • A wool wrap to make a chamomile oil wrap. After giving birth the inside of the mother’s belly is completely rearranged. In this period the body will start working to put everything back in place. It is very well know that chamomile oil aids in the lubrication of this process. Besides, the wrap gives a relaxing effect. Good quality wool wraps can be bought here. Also make sure to buy one or two compresses to put the oil on.

  • A natural himalayan salt lamp to put next to the bed or at the place where the new mother wants to nurture their baby. It takes out all the nasty smells and brings nourishing energy into your room.

  • Weleda’s rose oil to put on the mother’s feet and chest after giving birth.

  • A wool sheepskin to put next to the mother in bed for the baby to sleep on. When the baby gets older and starts to move more you can also use a baby nest for underneath the wool sheepskin which is also a wonderful gift.

  • A golden travel changing pad. There are also other colors btw.

There is nothing more loving than giving

Another very welcome present for mothers is to send them fresh colorful flowers to put in their bedroom after giving birth.

Moreover, when you are invited to come and visit the new mother and baby it feels super supportive if you bring them nourishing soups. From an Ayurvedic perspective it is considered to be one of the best meals you can eat during your childbed period (even in summer time). Best to bring warm nourishing soups made out of organic root veggies (like pumpkin, carrots and/or beets).

If you really like to welcome the baby in an Ayurvedic way you might want to buy the mom (to be) a ticket for the Workshop Ayurveda for Mommies (to be) or buy her this booklet.

Lastly, the best thing you can give of course is Love. Just listen to their stories and give hugs when needed.

With Love,