Feel like ‘you’re never going to drink again’? Find balance after the festive season with Ayurveda.

15 Ayurvedic suggestions to start 2020 well

When you’re reading this you probably feel a bit cranky after all the excessive dinners and overflow of drinks the past weeks. But hey, it was worth it. Right? You probably also finally got to spend that precious time with your family you so longed for. Maybe a chat with your grandma or even showing your growing child (it goes so fast!) to their great grandparents.

These days are just made for abundance in all directions. They are meant to indulge yourself. Christmas is the time to eat two 5-course meals a day, drink (too much) wine, have croissants for breakfast and accept shitty sleep (especially when your kids don’t understand the concept of a hangover).

Yet when the year is done, days still short, the wind is freaking cold and normal life starts again it is a good time to replenish yourself.

These days are just made for abundance in all directions

To start the new year energized and get your juices flowing again here are some suggestions drawing from Ayurveda’s old scriptures:

  • Scrape your tongue every morning before brushing your teeth (removes bacteria)

  • Dry brush before showering (stimulates your lymphatic system to remove cell waste and toxins)

  • Make sure you get enough Vitamin C from either a supplement or enough citrus fruits (boost immunity)

  • Drink a little more water than usual (can be as simple as adding one extra glass) and avoid coffee and black tea (helps to overcome headaches) to stay hydrated

  • Take Chlorella 3 times a day for two weeks (repairs liver cells – therefore especially good when you drank too much 🙂 )

  • Drink strong ginger tea (stimulates blood flow and helps to recover an upset stomach) I personally also love to brew myself a cup of Pukka’s Revitalise Tea with o.a. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper when I have a hangover. It’s stimulating and uplifting

  • Avoid random snacking (this helps digestion get back on track)

  • Take Andrographis 3 times a day, for two weeks (to restore the liver)

  • Bring green juices into your diet for two weeks. Especially the more bitter green juices made from kale, broccoli, cabbage, endive, rocket and/or spinach (detoxifying)

  • Skip your breakfast when you’re not hungry or wait at least until after you’ve gone to the toilet properly after waking up (promotes digestion: good digestion = good health)

  • Exercise before breakfast. Just do whatever you love to do at half of your capacity and stop when there are a few drops of sweat appearing on your forehead (to stimulate blood flow and circulation). While you can easily over-exercise, the key is to regain health quickly is to take it slow

  • Give yourself a face mask made from equal parts Manjistha and Sariva (for a glowing skin – helps to get rid of acne)

  • For a week or two, avoid heavy foods like milk, cheese, eggs, red meat, fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, etc.), butter, bread, oats, avocado, bananas, dates, mangoes, etc.

  • Take a sauna to sweat and stimulate blood flow (detoxifying)

  • Diffuse a blend of peppermint and lavender oil in your home (cooling tension and headaches)

You will feel fresh and new after a few days and if you can continue for a couple of weeks you probably set the tone for a strong immunity in 2020. But as always: Don’t be too hard on yourself, because strictness can give stress which is the number one cause of dis-ease.

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