31 Oct. Self-care Saturday Night

How to build resilience in stressful times

Going inward doesn’t mean skip the fun. This workshop is exactly what you need, as taking good care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Using a combination of Ayurveda, Yoga and Self-care rituals, you’ll discover how to build resilience in stressful times.

I redesigned the workshop from the ground up, to give you the right tools to navigate corona as it is.

What will you learn?

After being introduced to the basic principles of Ayurveda either through “Introduction to Ayurveda” (one of the foundation workshops I give often) or in other ways, I love to tell you more about how you can personalise your work-out and adapt your self-care to improve your overall health. As we are living in such turbulent times now is the time to check-in and feel how your mind-body balance actually is – and work with it to improve it or keep it in balance.

In this upcoming workshop I’ll make it very practical. We’ll start with a talk on how to think of Ayurveda in our modern world. Then, we’ll look into practical tips on how to build resilience through self-care. The third part is a stress reducing autumn (vata balancing) Yoga sequence I love to teach you, which is great for this season especially in howling times. Needless to say: everything is corona proof.

We will discuss:

In this Self-Care Saturday Night you will get a talk on Ayurveda and how Ayurveda’s selfcare system can support you in these howling times.

  • 5 elements and the 3 Doshas, and how like increases like

  • Prakruti & Vikruti – how you’re born vs. current state of health

  • Using the Ayurveda self-care system to build more resilience

  • A Yoga sequence to reduce stress in these howling times

  • Practical tips and tricks to add to your self-care ritual, leading to better health

This evening is for everyone who wants to improve their health and take a moment to pause in these turbulent times.

Dates & Locations

Saturday Night 31 October 2020 (19-21.30) at Yagoy (Pijp). Book your spot here. Important Note (to avoid confusion): On Yagoy’s website it’s still called “Yoga & Ayurveda workshop”, but like I said we have turned things around to fit your needs.