Jan/Feb 2021 – Pregnancy & Birhting Classes

Embody a good posture and bond deeply with your baby

Using yoga as a tool to stay balanced and strong during your pregnancy is not new. Actually for many mothers (to be) this is the first time they will go to a yoga class and this is for a reason. With yoga you get more body and breath awareness which are not only key ingredients for a healthy pregnancy, but also for a natural birth.

Besides, the right type of yoga during your pregnancy can also help you to manage stress better. Something we all have to cope with in modern life and as we know by now will affect not only you, but also the baby in your womb. During these classes you will get tools on how to use your body and breath to reduce stress which will re-pattern your nervous system and lower your stress hormones. Again another tool that will help you during childbirth as well and it’s perhaps the biggest gift you can give to your unborn baby.

Another topic that will be part of these classes is of course pelvis awareness. This will not only help you with a neutral and healthy position during your pregnancy, but also gives you more insight on how to give birth. If you have awareness of your pelvis you can easily adapt to a good position in all the things you do and will be less likely to have any pregnancy ailments like pelvic girdle pain.

Lastly, I will introduce you to some basic and practical Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition to bring into your pregnancy and prepare for your childbed period.

Each class of 90 minutes will include movement (yoga) and a little talk (ayurveda and posture).

My main aim is to help you embody certain movements and positions which you can use on a daily basis throughout your pregnancy and while giving birth.

During these 6 weeks ‘Pregnancy & Birthing Yoga Classes’ you will learn more about:

  • A good posture during your pregnancy

  • Your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles

  • Supporting breathing exercises

  • How to calm down your nervous system and reduce stress hormones

  • Pregnancy sun salutations

  • Ayurveda pregnancy lifestyle and nutrition

  • Using movements to support childbirth

  • How to strengthen and energise; and of course

  • How to build a nurturative and deep connection with your baby

Now of course we can not cover all these things in one class and therefore I highly recommend that you come to all classes so you will get all the information.

However, also know that if for whatever reason you are not able to join all 6 classes you are still more than welcome to participate in one or more classes to which you can also subscribe separately.

The classes are for every mother (to be) in their second or third trimester who wants to strengthen, energise and build connection with their little one. Mothers (to be) in their first trimester are unfortunately not allowed in the group classes. This is because of your own safety and that of your baby.


Friday evening (18-19.30) on 8, 15, 22 & 29 January and 5 & 12 February


Package deal – 6 Classes for 125 euro
Single Class – 25 euro

Book your spot at the White Door Studio here.