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Booklet: Yoga & Ayurveda

Why combine these sister sciences?

Yoga & Ayurveda are often mentioned in the same sentence. That comes of course with a reason. Both traditions are originated in India and are considered to be holistic. Yet there is more to explore about their interrelationship.

After reading the booklet you will know why Yoga & Ayurveda are inseparable. And how viewing Yoga through Ayurvedic glasses may invigorate and improve your practice. You will get to know what asanas (postures) are best for your birth constitution, but above all you will learn how you can adjust your yoga practice according to your needs at that particular moment.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • 20 Gunas (the 20 qualities and the principle of “like increases like”)

  • 7 Dhatus (7 bodily tissues)

  • Prakruti (your innate blue print) & Vikruti (your current state of health)

  • Personal asana (posture) recommendations

  • Recommended adjustments according to your personal needs (prakruti or vikruti)

For those who are new to Ayurveda it’s advisable to first read the “Introduction to Ayurveda” Booklet which can be downloaded here.

How can I get the booklet?

Send me your name and address here and I will send it to you.

What is the price?

15 euros (incl. shipping costs).

Do you want more? Come to the Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop. Check out dates here.