Living Ayurveda for Modern Moms with Hanneke

A series of workshops with and for mothers

While contemporary society comes with great opportunities for raising our children well, it can also feel like it is getting harder for modern moms to live a balanced lifestyle ourselves. How can we create the best circumstances for our children, while also taking the time we need for ourselves? In this series of workshops we explore how Ayurveda can support motherhood by bringing back the balance in our ever demanding lives.

In each workshop we will introduce or recap the basic concept of the four aims of life and will take you along on a creative journey to experience the ideas first hand. Also expect each workshop to have a special guest. These inspiring mothers will be announced through our instagram and via the website of The White Door Studio.

About this series: The Four aims of life

We approach Ayurveda by explaining it’s four aims of life from a modern point of view so you can apply this ancient knowledge in your life directly. In this series of 4 consecutive workshops we explain Ayurveda’s core philosophy from a mother’s point of view. If time doesn’t allow you to join us on this journey, no worries: each workshop singles out one of the four aims but is designed to stand on its own.

Ayurveda's core philosophy from a modern mothers point of view

1. Dharma: Your passion or purpose. What gives you meaning in this life? What do you find interesting? How do you walk your path? Together we’ll explore how you can follow your own curiosity.

2. Arta: Value or material comfort. We need resources to make our life purpose manifest. Means to pay your bills and to do what you want to do. Expect a toolkit to figure out which activity or profession can support your life goal.

3. Kama: Pleasure and desire. We deserve to enjoy the comforts of life like good food, relaxation, vacation, nice clothes, etc. However, we have to be mindful it doesn’t take us into possession. Ayurveda shows us how to bring in a sense of delight in your life and what it means to be present with all our senses.

4. Moksha: the ultimate goal, spiritual liberation. The goal in which we realize that there is more than just a passion, property and desires. This is the highest form of self-healing it doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for most of us. We will explore how small things matter and see it’s the small steps that lead to big breakthroughs.

Workshop 4: Kama

In the fourth workshop you will explore how little pleasures and time for yourself can have a huge impact on your overall state of wellbeing. How can you open your senses to be present in the here and now?

To explore this collectively we have invited inspiring mother and entrepreneur Hanneke Peeters from ‘Rock your world’ to talk about the power of crystals and how you can support your children throughout all phases in childhood (baby, toddler and kids 6-10 year). 

We will cover how crystals can help your children to:

  • Get strength

  • Cope with anxiety

  • Relieve pain and sadness

  • Bring in softness

  • Sleep soundly

  • Concentrate better

During this fourth edition on Friday 17 January (15-17) you will meet like-minded mothers while enjoying Hanneke’s favorite snack.

Regular ticket: €35 (1 child included)
Early bird ticket: €30 (1 child included) – until 18 December 2019
Extra child: + €5 (can be paid in the studio)

To make life a bit easier as a modern mom, your kids are welcome too. There will be babysitters from our friends at Charly Cares so you can fully enjoy Hanneke’s talk.

Reserve your spot here.

About us

Kim and Shari became close friends during their pregnancy and their daughters Miki and Uma are born only 2 days after each other. Both drawn to Yoga and Ayurveda, they soon realized that they wanted to empower other mothers to become the best version of themselves. Because they really believe that every mother deserves time to connect with herself and her purpose and therefore they hope to inspire you to live a more balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.