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Booklet: Ayurveda for Mommies (to be)

A practical guide for mothers

Being pregnant (especially for the first time) comes with so many questions. Which things should I arrange? What to do when pregnancy ailments present themselves? Can I still exercise? What to eat? How can I prepare for giving birth? What to buy for my childbed period? And many, many more.

Since I have been go crazy looking for Ayurvedic-proof answers on these questions during my journey I decided to make one very clear practical guide for mothers.

In this booklet you may find some guidance on:

  • How to nourish both you and your baby during your pregnancy

  • How to create a safe birthing space

  • How to let your milk flow

  • How to restore after giving birth

Besides, the booklet comes with a FAQ list in which you can find natural remedies for both you (during your pregnancy and in your childbed period) and your baby.

How can I get the booklet?

Send me your name and address here and I will send it to you.

What is the price?

15 euros (incl. shipping costs).

Do you want more? Come to the Ayurveda for Mommies (to be) Workshop. Check out dates here.