You are a…


Adaptability characterizes most of what you do

You move like the wind, love change and you are very impulsive. If it were up to you, you will change your job, friends, lover and.. well basically everything that is susceptible to change, all the time. Luckily for you, your dynamic nature provides you with the ability to adapt easily to new situations. Yet you have a hard time slowing down.

In conversations you are the one that is talking constantly, irrelevantly and above all very lively. Your whole body is involved and sitting still is not an option.


“You love to ride the waves of change”


Bursts of enthusiasm often overwhelm you, even if you don’t have enough energy to handle it at that moment. You love to ride the waves of change, with full excitement.

Although you are a true sun worshipper you wouldn’t sweat a drop. Even the most active and intense exercise (which you love to participate in) will not get you to sweat. Your skin and hair are often dry and your voice tends to be hoarse. As you have difficulties with finding routine in your life your diet is also erratic. By the way, you love to go to extremes over your food. You either overindulge in heavy foods like cakes and cheese and alternate by periods in which you deny yourself any heavy foods at all. It’s all or nothing for you.

When you are out of balance you will notice it most during the night as insomnia and anxiety are probably not new to you. Cold hands and feet are also part of your life as long as you can remember. This coldness sometimes even settles in your muscles and can make them feel stiff.

Lastly, it’s a wonder that you made it so far without getting distracted. That’s normally what happens.

Now, if this sounds like you – then there’s a lot more to discover. You can now start learning what to eat, which fruits, veggies and all other types of food go well with your mind-body type. You can even learn how the different flow of the seasons affects your mood, what you can do when you feel out of balance and know what to do when you get upset.

Due to the current circumstances, all our Introduction to Ayurveda workshops are postponed. To get you started in the world of Ayurveda, we have put together an easy to read, complete Introduction to Ayurveda. It’s available as an e-book or soft-cover.