You are a…


You truly care about others.

You’re very open and gentle and love to take care of others. Even at your own expense. You are an emotional person. This makes you very empathetic to others, but it can also strike back at you. When someone hurts your feelings, you can get upset easily and will hardly forget it – trauma is not out of the question.

When it comes to food you will probably know that you are not the hungriest type. It’s easy for you to skip breakfast and it is in your nature to forget a meal, simply because you’re doing something else and time passed more quickly than you thought.

Most likely, you hate coldness. If someone opens the window at the office you’ll be the first one to ask if it might be closed. Coolness also expresses itself in your ability to stay cool, especially in heated discussions. You are very easy going and can basically click with anyone.


“You go with the flow”


The things you do, you do very diligently, but you often lack direction. You are rarely in a hurry to find out how things work. Life will probably guide you in this process, and you go with the flow.

Now, if this sounds like you – then there’s a lot more to discover. You can now start learning what to eat, which fruits, veggies and all other types of food go well with your mind-body type. You can even learn how the different flow of the seasons affects your mood, what you can do when you feel out of balance and know what to do when you get upset.

For you, it’s best to balance yourself according to the seasons. Meaning that you have to follow a Vata-reducing diet and lifestyle in summer and autumn and Kapha-reducing diet and lifestyle in winter and spring.

Wait.. what?

To get you started in the world of Ayurveda, we have put together an easy to read, complete Introduction to Ayurveda. It’s available as an e-book or soft-cover.