You are a…


A true unicorn - equally balanced elements

You’re probably as intelligent, creative, passionate and enthusiastic as you’re steady and calm. It’s in your personality to be both ambitious and hardworking as you are able to relax and slow down.

You love both comfortable evenings on the couch as taking an intercontinental flight to go on an adventure abroad.

Tri-doshic types are very rare and hardest to balance because it means that you have all elements equally proportioned in your body and mind and there is this constant dance of the doshas. Your mindset can even change within the day or even within the hour. In general: the more you embrace change, every day, the easier your life becomes.


“Change is your blessing and your curse”


Learning more about the doshas to recognize which one is dominant at any moment of the day is an absolute must for you to understand why life is always going in so many different directions. You are generally pursuing many things at once and your interests can change suddenly, sometimes even without you noticing they did. Change is your blessing and your curse.

Now, if this sounds like you – then there’s a lot more to discover. You can now start learning what to eat, which fruits, veggies and all other types of food go well with your mind-body type. You can even learn how the different flow of the seasons affects your mood, what you can do when you feel out of balance and know what to do when you get upset.

For you, it’s best to balance yourself according to the seasons. Meaning that you have to follow a Vata-reducing diet and lifestyle in autumn and early winter, a Kapha-reducing diet, and lifestyle in late winter and spring and a pitta balancing lifestyle in summer.

Wait, what..?

To get you started in the world of Ayurveda, we have put together an easy to read, complete Introduction to Ayurveda. It’s available as an e-book or soft-cover.