You are a…


Stable and loving.

You’re very loving and intelligent with good memory and above all blessed with strong immunity. Your strong intellect is supported by stability which makes you the best problem solver there is. Friends, therefore, stick with you and you love to stick with friends. You have a combination of physical and emotional stamina so naturally, you are a good leader or influencer. Especially when you’ve found your mission you’re unstoppable and love to manifest and create new things. Yet you’ve to be careful that your perfectionism will not take you over because if that happens you’ll be too tough on yourself. Even though you are not always aware of it.


“When you focus you are a great learner”


Mostly, you’re a good steady sleeper, but you do need your sleep to feel alive. If you lack sleep you’ll feel unmotivated and down. Self-criticism is your default. When you focus you are a great learner, but you certainly will not learn anything without a purpose

Overall your skin is soft and well lubricated, but when you’re out of balance it becomes greasy. The same goes for your hair, it can become fat easily. With a strong appetite, you consider yourself a real ‘foodie’ in which you can overindulge quit easily. Yet unfortunately, this can damage your digestion which becomes very slow if you eat too much.

The doubt you had before starting this test is hopefully gone together with the thought that this is all nonsense..but it could also be that you need more facts for that before you’re going to believe this.

For you, it’s best to balance yourself according to the seasons. Meaning that you’ve to follow a Pitta-reducing diet and lifestyle in summer and autumn and Kapha-reducing diet in winter and spring.

Now, if this sounds like you – then there’s a lot more to discover. You can now start learning what to eat, which fruits, veggies and all other types of food go well with your mind-body type. You can even learn how the different flow of the seasons affects your mood, what you can do when you feel out of balance and know what to do when you get upset.

Due to the current circumstances, all our Introduction to Ayurveda workshops are postponed. To get you started in the world of Ayurveda, we have put together an easy to read, complete Introduction to Ayurveda. It’s available as an e-book or soft-cover.