You are a…


Steady, consistent and loving towards others

You’re very consistent and steady. With a strong endurance, you are naturally calm and loving. Helping others is in your nature. As such you’re born to be a parent and (you’ ll probably) love to raise children or look after the elderly.

In general, you tend to be a bit slow in all you do. Yet once you get going, you become unstoppable. Just like a diesel engine. This makes you very reliable and loyal, but also addicted to routine.

Your skin is well lubricated but can be slightly oily. Your hair is thick and lustrous and your eyes are soft and large with long lashes. You are the most stable friend someone can wish for. That’s because you are the best patient listener there is and because you love to support others. This comes more naturally to you as you are not only physically, but also mentally strong which enables you to handle emotions very well.


“You are the most stable friend someone can wish for”


Yet once out of balance, you can become very rigid. Thinking that your way of thinking is the only way and it takes a lot of time to make you switch thoughts. This rigid attitude may even flip over to greediness resulting in collecting all kinds of (mostly luxurious) stuff.

As you’re reading this you are probably on the couch, comfortably and maybe even having a snack while reading. Because that’s just what you love most: cozy slow relaxing moments, with some comfort food of course.

Now, if this sounds like you – then there’s a lot more to discover. You can now start learning what to eat, which fruits, veggies and all other types of food go well with your Kapha mind-body type. You can even learn how the different flow of the seasons affects your mood, what you can do when you feel out of balance and know what to do when you get upset.

Due to the current circumstances, all our Introduction to Ayurveda workshops are postponed. To get you started in the world of Ayurveda, we have put together an easy to read, complete Introduction to Ayurveda. It’s available as an e-book or soft-cover.